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Car Donation Pay Per Call Campaign




IVR is hosted on clients end.

Buffer starts after the clients IVR

“ Your call is being recorded for quality purposes. If you’re calling donate a car, truck or van, press 1 now. To donate a boat, rv, or trailer or for all other calls press 2. To Donate a car, truck or van, press 1 now. The phone number you called is for car donation only, we are not accepting boats, rv or trailer donations at this time”

Auto Donation for Veterans Charity. Consumers get a tax write off with their donation, and the funds generated from the auction go directly to the charity that provides services and assistance to US veterans and their families.

Please Note: This campaign is INBOUNDS only. (no call center, SMS, nothing outbound, no ringless VM, or ourbound IVR.. etc)
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May 20, 2024

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