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Spectrum (Time Warner Cable) Double Play/Triple Play – ENGLISH Pay Per Call Campaign




High Speed Internet, Cable TV and Phone services and packages.

Simpler Plans. Faster internet service and more competitive pricing.


The items below are prohibited:


Soliciting subscriptions for Charter Services, directly or indirectly, via fax, email, Internet or online presence, text messaging or outbound telemarketing , either live or recorded
URLs for websites used to promote Charter services containing the name “Charter”, “Spectrum”, “Time Warner Cable”, “Bright House Networks”, etc…
Bid on the following AdWords: Spectrum, Charter, Time Warner, TWC, 60 Meg, Bright House…or any words that may be similar and/or misspelled.
Social Media advertising that is branded to Spectrum. Generic advertising can be used, but must be approved by TPP”

NO emailing, texting , direct calling (transfers) or using any time of voice broadcasting IVR to get leads.

They should be looking to receive cable or internet service in a region covered by Time Warner Cable and can’t be an existing customer.

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Telecommunications, Pay Per Call

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May 20, 2024

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