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Viking Pest Control Pay Per Call Campaign




Mon-Sat : 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
(all times Eastern).

Say: Thank you for calling Elite Pest Control. If you are calling for assistance for animal control or for other wildlife animal removal, press 1. If you are calling for assistance for a pest or insect related service, press 2:
1. Hang Up
Say: This line it to schedule new appointments only. Good bye!
2. Question
Say: If you are a current Customer or need assistance with your current service Press 1. If you are interested in a new service, press two.
1. Hang Up
Say: This line it to schedule new appointments only. Good bye!

Viking Pest Control offers the most effective and efficient pest management and extermination solutions to residents and businesses of the New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland areas at affordable prices.

This offer accepts calls for pest control. Calls for wildlife, animal control, honey bee removal, and snake removal will not be accepted and are not paid out.

Inbound methods of call generation only. Calls may only be qualified by IVRs. No AI or call center handling of calls. No transfers, no outbound contact including SMS and email. No direct mail. No incentivized traffic or co-registration. No craigslist or Facebook marketplace or similar advertisements.

Viking targets zip codes in NJ, DE.MD, and PA. Targeting may update during the month with additional or limited zip targeting. Please reference uploaded zip file for most recent targeting. Publishers are responsible for all zip targeting for this campaign.

Offer Restrictions

No Customer Service Calls
New Sales/services only
No branded bidding
No use of brand name or branded terms
Pest Control, residential
No restrictions on Pests to target
No Animal and/or Wildlife control/removal calls
Creatives required for approval (previously approved creatives on other Soleo Pest Control campaigns do not need to be resubmitted)
No transfers, outbound, or SMS

Company does not offer the following services: wildlife removal, snake removal, bird removal, Termite Inspections for home loans/VA loans, WDIR (Wood Destroying Insect Inspections). Calls for these services will not be paid out.

This campaign has been moved to Retreaver.
Please contact Liza at to get set up.


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Home Services, Pay Per Call

Last Updated:

May 20, 2024

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