Best B2B Lead Generation Campaigns That Get Results

As the marketing industry expands over time, it has become crucial for businesses to focus on lead generation. Increasing leads also aids in promoting your business and establishing a strong pipeline. For this purpose, B2B lead generation strategies have become the top choice of many marketers. They ensure a constant growth rate along with generating high-quality leads. In this B2B lead generation guide, we’ve shortlisted the six best lead generation campaigns. But before that, let’s learn what B2B lead generation is and how to do B2B lead generation

What Is B2B Lead Generation?

B2B lead generation refers to identifying and approaching potential customers, primarily other businesses, for your products or services. In addition, it also involves collecting information about potential leads to convert them into customers by making a sale. 

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How To Do B2B Lead Generation?

Here are the main steps that help you understand the process: 

1) Discovering the B2B Leads:

The first step is to find leads. You can do so by getting their contact information. 

2) Approaching the leads 

Reach out to them through social media or cold outreach.

3) Qualifying leads 

Qualify leads that are most likely to buy your product/service. 

4) Making a sale 

The final step is to make a sale! 

7 Best B2B Lead Generation Campaigns 

Here are the tested and proved B2B lead generation tips that’ll drive traffic and boost conversion rate: 

1. Content Marketing 

Content marketing holds the top position when ranking the B2B lead generation techniques because, in 2021, more than 82% of marketers utilized content marketing to generate qualified leads. Moreoer, content marketing effortlessly attains all the aims of a marketer, including brand awareness, navigating traffic, boosting sales, and improving business-client engagement. 

To derive the best results through content marketing, post search engine optimization (SEO) content like articles and blogs on your website or blog. It increases your page views, and thus, more potential leads land on your website.

Tips for content marketing: 

· Be consistent with content marketing.

· Understand the type of targeted audience you are looking for. 

2. Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is ideal for targeted and refined lead generation. Over 62% of marketers consider social media platforms like LinkedIn effective modes of lead generation because businesses can directly interact with potential customers and answer their queries. 

Due to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, having over 2 billion users each, social media advertising has become the trend. Placing ads on these platforms effectively reach the targeted audience because of personalized interests. 

3. Pay-per-click ads (PPC)

One of the easiest and less time-consuming B2B lead generation tips is placing PPC ads on Google to drive more traffic and thus, boost sales. Around 74% of businesses utilize PPC ads as lead drivers. 

PPC ads are highly effective when you target the ideal audience. However, it is a costly means of generating leads, so take extra measures because many internet users use Adblock or similar programs. 

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing never becomes outdated. As of 2021, about 81% of small businesses used email marketing as the primary lead driver. 

Automating your email marketing campaigns is also an effective and time-saving alternative. Following these email marketing B2B lead generation tips will prove effective: 

  • Create a personalized B2B prospect list 
  • Know your perfect timings of sending the email
  • Write an appealing subject line
  • Compose an email with your personal email 
  • Keep your design simple 
  • Use a call-to-action line

5. Cold-calling 

Outsourced B2B lead generation strategies include cold-calling. It is a convenient means of lead generation yet shows effective outcomes. Reports reveal that about 82% of clients accept meeting offers when contacted through cold calls. It is a powerful means of introducing your product/service and explaining the benefits. 

Follow this cold-calling B2B lead generation guide to improve your cold-calling skills: 

  • Investigate about your prospects 
  • Make more calls
  • Choose the right timing for calling
  • Keep it precise
  • Know when to talk and let them interact 

6. Host events 

Another B2B lead generation strategy is to organize events. They can be either online or offline. It’s one of the best B2B lead generation campaigns because it allows you to approach targeted audiences and understand them. You can also collect their contact info through registration.

Other benefits of hosting events are: 

  • Guide potential leads with informative content 
  • Answer their questions 
  • Interact with them in real-time 

B2B lead generation events are webinars, workshops, meet-ups, campaigns, etc. 


In conclusion, each of the best B2B lead generation campaigns work differently for every business depending on their marketing efforts and targeted audience. Therefore, the key is to discover and employ the B2B lead generation tip from the above B2B lead generation guide. 

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Scott Thompson

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