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Exclusive and Shared Lead Generation

Astoria Company operates as a Lead Buyer and Lead Seller utilizing Ping and Post as well as Host and Post technology systems.   Astoria Company is currently generating Ping and Post leads in Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Home Owners Insurance, Home Improvement, Auto Financing, New Car Financing, Legal, Mortgage, Personal Loans and Title Loans.  We’re adding new campaign verticals on a regular basis so do not hesitate about contacting us.

Here’s a brief introduction into each method and the campaign verticals generally associated with each.

Ping and Post Leads

Ping and Post is most commonly known as the method for buying and selling leads in Business to Consumer  (B2C) Verticals.  The most common Ping and Post lead generation verticals are Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Life Insurance,  Auto Financing, New Car Financing, Home Improvement and Title Loans.  The lead generation forms used are typically “long form” where a significant amount of detail is gathered about the consumer.

Ping and Post lead distribution is a process that allows for only partial lead information to be initially transmitted from the lead seller to the Lead Buyer. The Lead Buyer has the opportunity to respond by either accepting the lead with a price or rejecting the lead altogether.  The primary benefit is the ability to protect a consumer’s personal information, both for the Lead Buyer and Lead Seller.  The Ping and Post process protects the consumer’s information by only sending the full contact information to the Lead Buyer that will actually service their needs.

The price per lead set via the Ping & Post method is usually dynamic pricing, meaning the price per lead will vary and is not fixed.   The mechanics of how this works is as follows:

  •  Pay-Per-Call
  • Call Tracking
  • Click-to-Call
  • Call Analytics
  • Search Keyword Call Services
  1. A Lead Seller will ping a Lead Buyer’s system with non-personally identifiable information;
  2. Lead Buyer will reply to the ping to its system by providing the price that the Lead Buyer would be willing to pay should Lead Seller post the lead to Lead Buyer; and
  3. following receipt of Lead Buyer’s price, Lead Seller will then decide in its sole discretion whether or not it will post the Lead to Lead Buyer including all the personal contact information.

If you’re buying and selling via Ping and Post method, please Contact Us today.

Host and Post

Host and Post, like Ping and Post, is a common method for buying and selling leads.  Some of the common campaign verticals that use Host and Post are any type of B2C or B2B lead generation, Legal Leads, Personal Loans, Mortgage and just about any type of short form and long form lead generation.

Host and post lead generation is generally used with fixed prices per lead.   The Lead Seller posts out all the information to the Lead Buyers.  The Lead Buyer then can accept or reject the lead.

If you’re buying and selling via Host and Post method, please Contact Us today.

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