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About Us

Astoria Company is a unique breed.

We help companies accelerate new customer acquisition and grow their brands by leveraging powerful, efficient, proprietary systems and technology platforms that scale.

Astoria Company was formed by industry experts who build and develop genuine customers for trusted brands. Our veteran team comes from the heart of the advertising industry. We understand real quality lead generation and campaigns that scale. It’s our business to know the nature of consumers and advertisers that result in verified, high quality new customer acquisitions. Not only do we have proven success in a variety of markets, but we continuously test new ways to bring in consumers to businesses. We take a multi-disciplinary approach to our marketing machine as we’re proficient in Pay Per Call, SEO, PPC, Email, Display, Call Centers, social media and offline advertising.

Astoria Company has the people and infrastructure in place to continue to significantly grow its audience, advertiser brands and revenues.

Our core team

Scott Thompson

Founder / CEO

Scott Thompson is the Founder and CEO of Astoria Company. Having worked in the online digital media space for 15 years, internet advertising is in his DNA.


Liza Schubert

Pay Per Call Network Director

Liza is responsible for both bringing on, and managing advertisers, as well as the publishers, networks, and affiliates in the Pay Per Call network.


Randall Box

System Admin

Randall manages Astoria’s proprietary infrastructure and platform. He has 15 years of systems architecture and development experience and has worked in Internet Marketing since 2007.


Edgar Wiatr

Creative Director

UI/UX specialist and data visualization passionate. Started his carreer back in 2008.



Sushil Shakya


Sushil started his career 8 years back in a call center in India with an operation and management job. He is a person with great enthusiasm and attitude towards his work. He was born and raised in the Himalayan country of Nepal and he loves to spend time with family.


Tri Sastra

Account Manager

Tri was first exposed to affiliate marketing in 2008. Since he is an avid internet lover, it is no wonder that he was immediately hooked on the industry then. Throughout the years, he has been learning and becoming savvy with several different performance marketing platforms — from DirectTrack, Link Trust, OpenX, and now the Cake platform


Adnan Nazir

Director Business Development

A dedicated professional with over 13 years of Sales and Marketing experience. Possessing a track record of helping manage projects and deliver exceptional standards of service. Highly motivated and successful in optimizing business and team potentials, whilst achieving goals.