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Call Filtering

Pay Per Call Quality Call Filtering & IVR

Built for the media manager, Astoria’s pay per call/pay-for-performance platform makes it easy to customize how callers are handled when they call in response to your media efforts. While this may seem like something a media manager is not typically empowered to manage, who better to look after what is working and what is not than the person responsible for spending and measuring the effectiveness of media dollars? Our easy to use IVR system gives media managers the power to make adjustments to call flow in real-time, without any assistance or involvement from the IT department or call center.

Not all calls are created equal, so we’ve built a system with flexibility in mind:

  • Differentiate between support calls and sales calls.
  • Define hours of operation and geo-targeting.
  • Identify mobile callers and offer SMS opt-in.
  • Ask qualifying questions before connecting callers
  • Set pricing and routing based on media channel (search, banner, mobile, etc)

No matter what media drove the consumer to contact you, we make it easy for you to handle your callers in the way that makes the most sense for your business. And along the way, we provide you with all the insights and tools you need to see how your callers are responding and make any adjustments necessary to improve the efficiency of your media spending.  That’s a high quality pay per call marketing campaign.

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