Can Realtors Buy Leads? Here’s All You Need To Know About It!

You possibly have a few lead-generating tactics that you trust and that perform well for you as a real estate agent. However, can realtors buy leads?

This is the greatest question for most new agents in the industry. There is a lot of discussion on this topic in today’s real estate industry. Some people assume that internet lead generation programs are excessively costly and time-consuming. Others argue that such programs are excellent instruments for generating quality leads, making them an excellent investment. Now, what do we conclude on?

In this article, we’ll go over the advantages of this lead generation approach and factors to consider before purchasing internet real estate leads.

At the end of this article, there would be an answer to your question that is “Can realtors buy leads?”, you would know what’s good for you, and you’d go for it.

What’s the Big Deal About Purchasing Real Estate Leads?

The National Association of Realtors conducted recent research. According to the research, it was discovered that 41% of sellers got their agent through referrals, and 23% worked with the same agent they used to buy or sell a house previously. This means that 64% of sales were repeat or referral transactions, with the remaining 36% coming from various sources such as door knocking, cold calling, direct mailing, and web leads. We conclude by noting that some top real estate agents still purchase leads as a strategy to score prospects. 

The following are three major causes behind this:

1. Increase Your Exposure. 

Referrals and repeat clients will contact you when they’re ready to take a look at a specific listing or buy a home immediately. However, today’s home buyers and sellers will go online to begin their home search or to learn more about selling their homes. As a result, without the use of paid lead-generating systems, a real estate salesperson is effectively invisible to this vast pool of prospective clients.

This has resulted in many real estate brokers investing in paid lead generation programs as a marketing technique to increase their visibility.

Purchasing real estate leads also allows you to contact your prospects before other agents can be contacted. People are more inclined to stick with you for all if you contact them before they do.

2. Maintain a Consistent Flow of Customers.

The most significant advantage of purchasing real estate leads is that it is the most effective technique to locate new clients regularly. There will be enough leads for an agent to convert to customers if they generate leads online, referrals, and other techniques. In real estate. Not only that, but you’ll have a better chance of obtaining QUALIFIED leads who really want to make a purchase.

It’s entirely up to you how quickly or poor leads convert to sales. In this regard, the best advice is to provide them with what they need, whether it’s market knowledge, listings, or general advice. Instead of always closing, the idea is to become a trustworthy resource that people can turn to. Another piece of advice is to establish trust right after purchasing real estate leads so that they can trust your decision when it’s time for business.

3. Possibility of Immediately Generating Revenue.

One of the advantages of purchasing real estate leads is that it generates immediate results in your sales funnel. This is a huge advantage for a returning real estate that stopped working for a while. You’d get back on your feet with laid leads if you don’t have a local sphere of influence, a well-established marketing plan, or an existing client database. As a result, even if an internet lead generation program costs you money, you should see it as an investment because it will generate cash for your real estate company.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Real Estate Leads.

There are a few factors to consider before purchasing real estate leads:

1. Maintain a balanced lead generation strategy.

It’s critical not to allow internet lead creation to get in the way of keeping in touch with previous clients. Top real estate brokers use traditional and internet lead-generating strategies, and the key is to have a balanced plan. Ensure to prioritize nurturing existing leads (referrals and repeat clients) above purchasing real estate leads. One attribute of a competent real estate agent is that they connect easily to their clients because if they don’t, they will lose their clients to other companies.

You should also ensure to regulate the amount of time and money you spend on internet leads as well. The ideal approach to do this is to focus your time, effort, and resources on your current leads. While simultaneously conducting a lead creation program in the background

2. Locate a Reliable Lead Source.

Many companies and websites give paid leads to real estate brokers, but we’d say not all of them are worth the money because they deliver unqualified leads.

So, before purchasing real estate leads, note that some leads are more qualified than others, and at the tail end, you receive what you paid for.

Some of your leads will end up in your sales funnel, while others wouldn’t. Hence, before purchasing real estate leads from lead-generating organizations or websites, ensure to carry out standard research.

Final Thoughts on Purchasing Real Estate Leads.

In conclusion, now you have an answer to your question “Can realtors buy leads?” Purchasing real estate leads can be a beneficial investment for certain agents but not for others. If you have the right structure and technique in place, paid leads can undoubtedly generate revenue for your business. As a result, if you want to be a successful real estate agent, you should stay in touch with your referrals, repeat clients and double-check the quality of your leads before spending money on lead creation websites.

Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson

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