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10k+ Spanish Debt Consolidation INBOUNDS Pay Per Call Campaign




Looking for a minimum of $15k in credit card debt.

Spanish speakers
Our IVR is is Spanish
Call Times: Monday – Thursday 11am – 11pm EST
Friday – 11am – 7:30pm EST
States: US nationwide EXCEPT for Connecticut, Hawaii, Kansas, Minnesota, Oregon, South Carolina, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, North Dakota

IVR: Hola y bienvenido al centro de asesoramiento para la liquidación de deudas. Por favor, tenga en cuenta que no representamos un programa patrocinado por el gobierno y no proporcionamos préstamos. Si tiene más de 15,000 dólares en deudas de tarjeta de crédito, presione 1, de lo contrario, presione 2.

All creative must be submitted to and approved by

Please note, we do not allow the following forms of promotion on the network:

No Incent
No Co-Reg
No Call Center
No Ringless Voicemail
No “Press 1” campaigns
No Classified/Craigslist
No Branded Search/Trademark Bidding
No Social Media, unless they are paid, targeted ads
No Direct Linking, unless you have express written consent.

A few notes:

The bulk of our offers are designed for non branded paid search and organic search (SEO, SEM), email, display, and social media – for both web and mobile.

-For Social Media/Facebook ads:
It is a violation in our network to simply post free ads on Facebook/social media sites.These must be targeted, paid ads.

-Use of Sub Affiliates:
The use of sub affiliates is prohibited.

Astoria has zero tolerance for fraudulent, misleading, spammy, bot, or suspicious traffic. You will not be paid

All creative must be submitted to for client approval, prior to launch.

Please Note: Astoria Company platform detects and controls fraudulent publisher activity including, but not limited to, incentivized traffic and traffic without legitimate purchase intent. By using our service, you agree not to engage in any activities that may be deemed fraudulent by Astoria Company or its advertisers. Astoria Company and its advertisers will reverse transactions, withhold all payments, and immediately terminate your use of the Astoria Company services in the event fraudulent activity by you is detected or suspected.

No Incentive, co-reg. Leads Seller is 100% liable for all leads being TCPA (Telecommunications Protections Act) compliant, opt in and must have Jornaya LeadID with Playback video and/or Trusted Form URL with claimed, sharable URL Playback video. If any issues arise, lead seller must provide URL, IP Address, Jornaya Lead ID or Trusted Form and time stamp of website the customer filled out the lead-form within 24-48 hours. Other information may be requested as well. Must keep all recordings for 7 years.


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Financial Services, Pay Per Call

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May 20, 2024

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