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EDU: UMA (Pharmacy Technician) Pay Per Call Campaign.




Description: Looking to start school in the next 3 months? Get Your Degree Today! Call now.

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·Medical Billing & Coding Training. New Students Only. Call & Press 1. 100% online courses. Financial Aid Available for those who qualify.
·Ultimate Medical Academy Online | Medical Billing and Coding. Prepare for a Career in Medical Billing & Coding w/an Online Degree at Ultimate Medical Academy! Students Come First. Flexible Online Learning. Student support services.
·Flexible Healthcare Career Training. Medical Billing and Coding program. Call Now for Info.
·Get the education you need for a career in Medical Billing & Coding. Student support services. Flexible online learning. Call and Press 1.
·Get the education you need for a career in Healthcare from Ultimate Medical Academy. Call and Press 1.

Target Programs: “Healthcare Degrees & Programs

• Health and Human Services
• Health Information Technology
• Healthcare Management
• Healthcare Technology & System
• Medical Administrative Assistant
• Medical Billing and Coding
• Medical Office and Billing Specialist
• Pharmacy Technician”

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April 6, 2024

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