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Pest Control Services Per Call Campaign.




This offer is for pest control service needs targeting: ants, lice, termites, bed bugs, roaches, rodents, and similar pests. This offer does not accept calls for wildlife removal and calls for assistance with wildlife such as birds, raccoons, squirrels, as well as calls for animal control/domestic animal issues will not be paid out.

Multiple pest control companies are included in this offer and all traffic must be generic. This offer is for new services only and an Astoria hosted filter for customer service is in place prior to connection. Only new Sales will connect to merchant.

Zips: 26,136 zip codes: Click HERE

Campaign Hours: Daily Sunday-Saturday 7am-11:30pm Eastern

Absolutely no ad copy promoting:
– same day service
– emergency service
– Free inspections

Buyers do not accept calls for wildlife services or animal control. Soleo CAN provide you a monetization option for some wildlife calls, reach out to your affiliate manager for more information.

There should be no use of brand names, logos, or branded terms in any ad copy, landing page, or display ad. All ad copy must be generic.

Buyers do not guarantee same day service, emergency service, or free inspections. Any use of this ad text or page content will not be approved.

· Bagworms
· Bat Bugs
· Cats
· Chipmunks, squirrels, woodchucks
· Crane fly -Drain flies
· Grasshoppers
· Fruit Flies
· Gnats


· June bugs (beetles)
· Lawn pests – aphids, snails, grubs, slugs, chiggers, or chinch bugs
· Lice
· Lizards
· Maggots
· Mites of any kind
· Scabies
· Snakes
· Worms
· Raccoons

Please Note: This campaign is INBOUNDS only. (no call center, SMS, nothing outbound, no ringless VM, or outbound IVR.. etc)
Astoria Company platform detects and controls fraudulent publisher activity including, but not limited to, incentivized traffic and traffic without legitimate purchase intent. By using our service, you agree not to engage in any activities that may be deemed fraudulent by Astoria Company or its advertisers. Astoria Company and its advertisers will reverse transactions, withhold all payments, and immediately terminate your use of the Astoria Company services in the event fraudulent activity by you is detected or suspected.

No Incentive, co-reg. Leads Seller is 100% liable for all leads being TCPA (Telecommunications Protections Act) compliant, opt in and must have Jornaya LeadID with Playback video and/or Trusted Form URL with claimed, sharable URL Playback video. If any issues arise, lead seller must provide URL, IP Address, Jornaya Lead ID or Trusted Form and time stamp of website the customer filled out the lead-form within 24-48 hours. Other information may be requested as well. Must keep all recordings for 7 years.


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December 26, 2023

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