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Plumbers Near U Pay Per Call Campaign.




Help customers find a plumber 24/7 in their zip code.

A large portion of the country is covered, so broad campaigns will still have high conversion rates, but for publishers who want to get more granular with local advertising, this list is exact and updated monthly if there are any changes.

Full Service Plumbing
Emergency Service
Pipe Replacement & Repairs
Drain Cleaning & Unclogging
Leaky Faucets Or Pipes
Fixture Installed
Toilet, Tub, Shower & Sink
Residential & Commercial

Hot Water Heaters
Ceiling Leaks
Underground Pipe Repairs
Frozen Pipes
Garbage Disposals
Gas Lines

Negative Keyword:

Free Estimate(s)
Free Quote(s)
Low Prices
Low Rates
Master Plumber
We beat all competitors’ prices
Same Day Service

NO Craigslist or classified traffic is allowed on this offer!

Campaign Restrictions:

We do NOT want calls generated from incentivized traffic, co-registration surveys, email blasts, outbound call centers or anything where there is very low intent on behalf of the caller. We also do NOT want any calls from Craigslist. We do NOT allow any brand targeting where an affiliate is bidding on the name of a competitor as a keyword or where dynamic keyword insertion is used.

Keyword Restrictions:

We do NOT want any mention of the word “Free” (i.e. “Free Estimate” or “Free Consultation” or “Free Service” is NOT allowed). We do not want any keywords that would suggest anything about price (i.e. “Cheap prices” or “Lowest prices” is not allowed). All ads should be generic in nature with wording that applies to any service provider within that category (examples of specific keywords are listed below). Specific to legal campaigns, there can be no mention of “Free Advice” or “Pro Bono” – in fact, these should all be negative keywords when doing search campaigns. Also, with legal advertising, there can be no mention of being a “legal referral service” or being able to connect someone to the “best” lawyer. Stay away from using any superlatives (i.e. best, lowest, highest, most, etc).



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Home Services, Pay Per Call

Last Updated:

April 6, 2024

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