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Many households view an automobile as a necessity and consider it imperative to build an ideal household. Therefore, this view has led vehicles to become common and increased the need for Auto insurance. It’s a promising opportunity for many auto insurance companies, but many fail to acquire profitable clients.

Are you wondering what way is the best to get potential clients who will grow your business? Auto Insurance leads are the answer. Leads give you the contact of potential people interested in your products. Therefore, approaching them with your offers can help you acquire them easily. But what if the leads are old and don’t convert?

At Astoria, we sell you the best auto insurance leads that are authentic and up to your requirement, enabling higher chances for you to acquire profitable customers. Let’s delve into our specialties and why we can prove to be your best partner.

Why Astoria for Auto Insurance Leads?

The competition is unimaginable, yet we can meet your preferences and requirements in the best possible way. Our professional team is always on the hunt to find the best possible strategies to generate traffic and find potential leads. The qualities that make us different from others are as follows:

  • We sell completely exclusive leads. We provide live transfer for auto insurance leads that enables you to talk to your potential prospects and reach them out soon.
  • For auto insurance leads, we have our website that connects with customers looking for leads. It follows a detailed information process that allows us to get authentic leads.
  • We invest in online marketing channels, which many private companies ignore. Pay per call is an effective marketing method, and we use it to generate quality leads.
  • You have complete autonomy for creating the ads and choosing the channels to place them. Through our pay-per-call campaign, we aim to connect and convert customers quickly.
  • We use ping & post and Host & post technology systems. In ping and post, you’ll get partial information for the lead. If you accept it and pay the settlement price, you’ll have the entire lead. Secondly, hosts and posts allow us to sell leads at a fixed price.
  • If you want cheaper options, we even have shared leads options that are less expensive than exclusive real-time leads.
  • Our experts use filters that wean out poor or corrupt leads.
  • We even help in publishing ads for our clients and provide complete call tracking.

What Type of Auto Insurance Coverages Leads We Sell?

There are plenty of coverages for Auto Insurance. At Astoria, we strive to provide most of them. Some of the coverages are as follows:

  • State Minimum Coverage: Every person in the state should have this coverage covering bodily injury liability and property damage.
  • Basic Coverage: This aims to provide around $50-100k for bodily injury and $25k for the property.
  • Standard Coverage: A standard coverage provides up to $100-300k body injury coverage and around $50k for property damage.
  • Premium Coverage: A premium coverage will provide up to $250-500k for bodily injury and up to 100k for property damage.

These are the leads we generate at Astoria for our auto insurance buyers. Our marketing channels and advertisements enable us to reach a wide audience that is restless to get a popular insurance offer.

Grow Your Business!

If you’re starting anew and are unaware of getting the initial customers for your business, don’t worry. You have already paved your way in creating your auto insurance company, which is a remarkable achievement. Therefore, you have to take the next step carefully and boost your customer acquisition.

At Astoria, we can help you develop lucrative campaigns that will drive real-time auto insurance leads to your department. Our hands-on training may even help you handle all the clients. Plus, you get complete transparency because we provide you with the tiniest of analytical details.

So, do you want your business to achieve new heights? Astoria is your partner that can get you quality leads and bring life to your business.

Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson is an authoritative industry veteran, CEO and Founder of Astoria Company. With his extensive experience spanning decades in the online advertising industry, he is the driving force behind Astoria Company. Under his leadership, Astoria Company has emerged as a distinguished technology advertising firm specializing in domain development, lead generation, and pay-per-call marketing. Thompson is widely regarded as a technology marketing expert and domain investor, with a portfolio comprising over 570 domains.

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Categories: AutomotivePublished On: November 3, 2021

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