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Each year, Medicare announces its annual enrollment period, where numerous private health insurance companies come up with astounding Medicare plans. Since it’s a necessity, every person wants to have a Medicare plan. However, the intense competition from other insurance companies can strangle you and may not get you, new clients. Wondering how you can address such customer acquisition problems? All you need is an effective Health insurance lead generation program that serves you with new leads. You can contact these leads and approach them with your plan. If your pitch is good and resonates with your prospect, there’s a high chance of you converting them.

But how can you manage and build a lead generation program? For this, Astoria Company has got you covered. With years of experience in creating a successful business, it can leverage your health insurance company by getting qualified customers.

How Can You Generate Health Insurance Leads with Astoria Company?

Astoria company follows a specific program of performance marketing, which includes affiliate programs and pay-per-calls acquisition. Astoria Company helps clients create lucrative ads. You’re the advertiser of the ad, and we act as your publisher. Astoria advertises your campaigns using pay-per-call performance marketing and affiliate programs.

Astoria company adapts the latest performance calling techniques that help to leverage your business and boost profit. High-quality calls can increase conversions by 30-50%. Moreover, you get the complete solution when you sign-up for pay-per-call marketing, including analytics, tracking, and keywords.

Your ads may be placed on any online channel, and it’ll redirect traffic to call you, which will work if you have a performance marketing campaign in place. Plus, Astoria provides call filtering services beneficial for your media manager. It includes training to improve communication with clients and pitch them accordingly.

Therefore, with fresh leads and training, you stand a good chance at acquiring your health insurance customers and billing them. Secondly, all of these leads are in real-time and exclusive, which increases your chance of increasing your customer base.

How Much Does It Cost to Generate Health Insurance Leads?

If you’re a new startup, it may be out of budget for you to pay for every call. Even if you’re an established company, you may be reluctant to pay for each call. At Astoria, you design your call quality and pay for it. You design your quality metrics, and you only pay for the calls that meet the criteria.

Therefore, the calls that meet your standards will reach your call center. It’s a great way because you get calls that you believe would convert. Secondly, the pricing is also quite reasonable, i.e., CPA x average conversion rate for a high-quality call.

Why Choose Astoria Company to Generate Health Insurance Leads?

Several factors make us experts at what we are. Some of them are as follows:

  • You have the autonomy to develop ads for health insurance that target your audience.
  • Multiple channels to generate call traffic, including their New Medicare website, where customers ask for quotes, and Astoria connects them.
  • As soon as you complete the call, you get the entire analytics report.
  • We provide exclusive leads in real-time.
  • We have fraud prevention tactics that avoid corrupt calls.
  • You can even track your ROI by adding phone numbers in your ad. Astoria uses dynamic number assignments by tying a unique number to an ad source. You get the info of all the touchpoints when someone contacts you using that number. In this way, you can track ROI.

Final Verdict

By now, you must have witnessed the promising features of the lead generation process. Health Insurance is a necessity; therefore, millions of people require plans, and they actively reach out for information. Thus, partnering up with a great health insurance lead generation company may enable you to boost your customer base.

At Astoria, you can build your customer base from scratch, leverage your business, grow it, and develop a successful marketing funnel. Visit our website, and we’ll design a campaign and get started within 30 minutes.

Adnan Nazir
Adnan Nazir

Meet Adnan, the Vice President of Sales at Astoria Company, where he spearheads Astoria's lead exchange, pay per call, and the forging of new partnerships. With an extensive background spanning over 18 years in sales and marketing, Adnan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Beyond the boardroom, Adnan finds solace and inspiration in the art of writing. He thrives in the fast-paced world of sales, where his knack for building relationships and strategic thinking propels him to success. Always eager to broaden his horizons, and revels in the opportunity to connect with new faces and discover fresh perspectives.

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