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New Marketing Age!

Are you still relying on offline media to generate traffic and get more customers? If yes, then do you have any luck? Offline media, like TV and newspaper, are great sources, but their use is becoming less prominent nowadays. Many companies are relying on online marketing strategies to generate more customers. Online marketing is a whole new playfield and consists of numerous tactics. Are you aware of what online marketing strategy would work best for you? Well, it depends upon your business, but one thing is for sure; pay-per-call affiliate marketing is one channel that won’t let you down. It’s a growing online marketing platform that has generated a lot of customers for businesses.

But where could you find a reliable affiliate partner? At Astoria Company, we have you covered. We provide a Pay Per Call affiliate marketing program and have helped multiple businesses to increase their market share. Let’s see what wonders pay-per-call can do for you.

What is Pay-Per-Call Marketing?

Pay-Per-Call marketing is a PPC marketing model that pays the publisher for each successful call. Your company is the advertiser for the ad, and we, at Astoria, act as publishers to regulate your ads and generate phone calls. It’s as simple as the pay-per-click model, with the only difference in the payment terms.

In pay-per-click, the publisher receives payment for each click and website visit, while the publisher gets payment or a cut from each successful call in a pay-per-call model. Let’s briefly see how it works.

How Does Pay-Per-Call Marketing Work?

The process is very seamless at Astoria, and we work with our affiliates at each stage to ensure complete value and high return prospects. The general process is as follows:

1. Firstly, you have to define your niche or vertical to set up a campaign. It can be related to your business, including auto insurance, healthcare, and financial services.

2. After that, you have to sign-up with an affiliate program. (Astoria, in this case.)

3. After selecting, you can design your ad and a marketing campaign that allows customers to call you through the ad.

4. We’ll apply the ad and set plenty of tracking phone numbers.

5. We’ll run call-based campaigns and manage your campaign.

6. Customers or prospects will see the ad, and the interested people will contact you using that phone number.

7. The call will be tracked to us, and we’ll live-transfer it to your call center office.

8. A certain percentage of commission will be set apart for us.

The above-mentioned is the general process of pay-per-call affiliate marketing. Usually, you have the option to set several metrics to select calls that only suit your preferences and meet your standards. Moreover, you may even receive the type of information you want during the live call. If a call doesn’t meet your standards, they’ll never reach your call center.

Why Choose Astoria Company for Pay-Per-Call Affiliate Network?

Astoria Company is proud to have helped several businesses gain momentum and develop the most effective marketing strategies for them. Our Pay-Per-Call affiliate program has countless unique characteristics that make us stand out. Some of your promising aspects are as follows:

  • Our program can even run globally.
  • You get complete tracking and reporting of calls in real-time.
  • Our unique phone numbers can even help you to track the ROI of your business.
  • We have a monitored compliance system and filters that can help you select preferences and selected calls.
  • Our process is easy, and you can set up a campaign in less than 30 minutes.

Customer Acquisition Like Never Before!

Do you want to level up your business with online media and capture a broader customer base, allowing you to generate higher sales and profits? The Pay-Per-call marketing campaign of Astoria Company is the best solution to connect you with interested customers, where you can pitch them and possibly convert them.

Ready to boost your customer base? Visit our website and search for Pay-Per-Call options.

Liza Schubert
Liza Schubert

As the Director of Pay Per Call Marketing, Liza is responsible for strategy and executing marketing partnerships for Astoria and promoting call campaigns and initiatives. Liza prospects and secures Pay Per Call relationships that align and further promotes Astorias offers for their clients and affiliates. In addition, she is fluent in campaign set up integrations on Invoca, Ringba, Retreaver and Trackdrive. Liza has a bachelors degree from American University in Washington DC, in Public Communications, focusing her skill set in writing, public relations, proofreading and research.

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Categories: Pay Per CallPublished On: November 3, 2021

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