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Pay per call affiliate network

Pay per call affiliate network is a strong network and the main purpose of this network is to strengthen the local businesses. The basic theme behind the pay per call system is that, local customers are shown relevant product ads and when they click on that ad, an automated call is generated and that is a toll free number! Customer has not to pay anything for that call and advertiser pays the whole amount. You might be thinking that this would be a burden for advertiser, but no as advertisers are only supposed to pay for calls that are actually made, there is a system which monitors the call and if the call is dropped in start, then the advertiser is not supposed to pay anything. Pay per call ensures a realistic lead generation, because the chances that the caller will buy the product are increased. You can grab the customer on phone call using the marketing skills!

Affiliate network:

Local businesses have gotten a special offer; they can use an affiliate network for their pay per call advertising. Affiliates charge a commission but that is really affordable when they are producing sales for you. You can use pay per call affiliate networks for promotion of both the services and products. Pay per call is really working, as the customer won’t be landed on a landing page where he has to look for the ‘contact us’ details to contact the merchant. He would be directly connected to the sales representative and in this way the chances of making a sale would be increased.

This system has benefited everyone, including the affiliates. If you are an affiliate and are using different other things to generate commissions, this is a new opportunity for you. As this is new, there are very less people who have adopted this and in this way the opportunity gets even brighter. You can join different local merchants and can manage their pay per call to generate sales. They will award you a commission on per sale basis. Merchant will get his sale and you will get the commission!