Astoria Company recently upgraded its lead exchange technology platform to enable free quote insurance leads to be individually acquired by each insurance company. This upgrade ensures each insurance company receives new customer leads that are unique to the company and not shared among other agents within the same organization.

CEO, Scott Thompson and a group of super-savvy digital marketing specialists are blazing trails of consistent excellence in the worldwide internet marketing scene. Today, they have gathered together what has proven to be one of the leading B2C, new customer lead generation teams; Astoria Company. Scott Thompson founded Astoria Company in 2011 and will tell you that “online advertising is in his DNA.” Never one to settle for anything less than excellence, he continues to seek out innovative ways to catch and hold the positive attention of prospective customers for all of his clients. Today, Astoria Company has 2 main business units that help companies generate high quality new customer leads;

1. Pay-Per-Call Leads:  Astoria’s platform hosts 200+ pay per call lead generation offers in many verticals. Real time tracking and reporting, quality controls, fraud prevention and a consistent track record for scaling pay per call campaigns make Astoria Company the “go-to” pay per call experts.

2. Posted Consumer Leads: Astoria developed its own proprietary ping/post and host/post lead exchange technology platform which powers a large marketplace to buy and sell new customer leads. Having 3,000+ partners that plug into and leverage its buy/sell platform (and that number continues to grow each month), has enabled Astoria’s quadruple revenue growth rate year over year.

Astoria continues to add new vertically focused consumer markets to its platform.  Currently, Astoria’s lead generation technology platform supports consumer focused vertical markets that include:

Insurance Leads:  Auto insurance leads, Health insurance leads, Life insurance leads, Home insurance leads, Final Expense leads and Senior Medicare Supplement Insurance leads

Financial Leads: Mortgage loan leads, Auto financing leads, Personal Cash loans and Title loans leads

Legal Leads: DUI leads, Divorce leads, Bankruptcy leads, Criminal defense leads, Personal injury leads, Social Security leads and Mass Tort leads

Home Improvement Leads: Solar, roofing, windows, siding, kitchen & bath remodeling, HVAC

Higher Education Leads: Undergraduate and graduate education leads.

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Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson is an authoritative industry veteran, CEO and Founder of Astoria Company. With his extensive experience spanning decades in the online advertising industry, he is the driving force behind Astoria Company. Under his leadership, Astoria Company has emerged as a distinguished technology advertising firm specializing in domain development, lead generation, and pay-per-call marketing. Thompson is widely regarded as a technology marketing expert and domain investor, with a portfolio comprising over 570 domains.

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Categories: Press ReleasesPublished On: July 3, 2015

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