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In 2022, the overall car insurance rates are likely to increase. The primary reasons for such projected increase in speeding accidents since the pandemic, soaring numbers of fatal crashes, and increasing claims costs.

As per National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), fatal crashes in the first six months of 2021 increased by 18.4% relative to the same period in 2020. NHTSA proclaimed that it was the highest percentage increase it had on record.

Besides this, the higher new car valuations, used car valuations, inflation, and supply chain issues are leading to a sharp rise in car claims costs. As a result, it is expected that the new car buyers will invest in insurance.

Also, the Bidden Administration’s 2021 order to be zero-emissions by 2030 has led to an increase in car insurance costs for electric cars relative to other types of vehicles.

Due to these changing risks associated with drivers, their vehicles, environment, government, and economic factors, it is expected that there would be an upsurge in auto insurance pricing. This would result in an increase in buyers shopping for competitive auto insurance in 2022.

The expected increase in demand for cost-effective auto insurance products would increase competition among auto insurance companies and agents. Thus, finding a quality auto insurance plan would be a great challenge for auto insurance buyers in 2022.

Not anymore as provides a one-stop solution to all auto insurance problems of buyers. is an online marketing and matching platform between users and the company’s own network of institutions, affiliates, agencies, and providers. This network of partners offers and markets auto insurance products.

Thus, is not an agent of any Partner and is a free quote service. The best part is that prospective buyers get quick access to auto insurance plans offered by agents, brokers, and carriers.

Typically, auto insurance buyers struggle with finding a cost-effective plan that can save them from the high cost of accidents and injuries. With, prospective buyers do not have to worry about finding a competitive quote. That’s because it has a team of partners hailing from the automotive insurance industry that helps buyers understand several auto insurance coverage options.

What Coverage Plans Does Offer? generally provides quotes for insurance plans with five different insurance coverage types to its customers. These include bodily liability, property damage liability, comprehensive coverage, collision, and uninsured and underinsured.

• Bodily Liability Insurance Plan that covers damages for bodily injuries to others as a result of a covered accident, for which the insured becomes legally responsible.
• Property Damage Liability Insurance Plan that covers property damage to others as a result of a covered accident, for which the insured becomes legally responsible.
• Comprehensive Insurance Plan that covers damages due to incidents besides collisions, including vandalism, certain weather events, and accidents with animals.
• Collision Insurance Plan that covers damages after an accident involving another vehicle.
• Uninsured Insurance Plan that covers damages for accidents against uninsured drivers and hit-and-run accidents.
• Underinsured Insurance Plan that covers damages for accidents with a driver whose insurance is not enough to cover the costs.

What makes a leader is that it provides quotes of auto insurance plans of top auto insurance carriers on a single platform. This means that auto insurance buyers do not have to go through the hassle of finding a relevant quote for themselves. has different auto insurance quote options for prospective buyers. These include:

• Quick Auto Insurance Quotes that connects people to an insurance professional who can provide a fast quote.
• Customized Auto Insurance Quotes are the auto insurance quotes tailored to the prospects’ requirements and special needs.
• Affordable Auto Insurance Quotes include the quotes that are easy on the prospect’s pocket and within his budget.
• Multiple Auto Insurance Quotes compare quotes from multiple agents and choose the insurance plan that is the most appropriate

To access these quotes, all the prospective buyer needs to do is to fill out the form on This Online Application Form requests for personal and other information of the prospects, depending upon the type of offering they are applying for. Once the prospects fill out the form, the licensed insurance agent will connect with the person who filled out the quote request form. Then the insurance agent will provide prospects with the best available options both in terms of auto coverage needs and price.


How Do Partners Help People Potentially Save Money?

• New Car Discount for those who purchase a new vehicle and are the first owner of the vehicle
• Annual Discount for prospective buyers who pay for their car premium in full
• Student Discount for those who meet the requirements of states to avail such a discount


About, is a one-stop solution for auto insurance customers. The online platform connects you to various auto insurance agents and carriers whom you can trust with fast claims service. Besides, has a team of experts who provide support to prospective insurance buyers in understanding insurance options. The auto insurance platform leverages its latest and greatest technology to provide policy combinations to prospects that suit their auto coverage needs. It is a one-stop shop for auto insurance that stands out in the market.

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