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There are a number of affiliate programs over web and choosing the best affiliate programs is a difficult task. If you want to join the digital marketing world and are thinking the ways through which you can earn some extra cash, affiliate marketing is the answer to your question. Online marketing skills are a great tool for earning extra cash; you can start an affiliate website and can join some best affiliate networks to get the commission on per sale basis. The concept behind affiliate marketing is that you make a sale of other people and that people will give you commission. In this way both the parties are benefited. This a summarized list of some of the best affiliate programs that can help you in getting started with affiliate marketing.


Amazon is a great name and in the affiliate marketing world, it has been helping affiliates from a long time. It has many products in its online store. Many people use amazon for buying different products from different categories therefore there is a bright chance that you can earn through selling the products displayed on amazon. It can be a good start for you!

Commission Junction:

A highly popular and used internet marketing company is commission junction. They have good commission rates ranging from 3 to 5 percent and that is why affiliates prefer to use this affiliate network and register here to get a bouncing start.

Click Bank:

This is a great store that mainly sells the digital products. There are a number of niche specific products available in their store and you can join them to get a share on selling their products. Selecting a product that is related to your website will produce better earning for you as the rate of conversion would increase.


This is also a good affiliate network that is used to sell themes, templates, scripts and other related stuff. If you are an affiliate related to this niche then this is a golden chance for you to use this network to get the commission by selling different services and products.

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