Pay per call marketing

The latest and most searched medium of internet marketing is now the pay per call. Previously, when a consumer put some keywords in the search engine bar, he was shown a number of pain and other links on which he can click to see a landing page. But the new ‘Pay per call marketing’ is different. The consumer will put keywords in the same manner but in turn he will not get a link to click, he will get a toll free number where his call will be connected and he will be able to negotiate for what he wants. This would be a direct call and that is why it will benefit both the marketer and the consumer.

Advertiser is charger per call: 

The advertiser will be charged only at that time when a customer will actually click to make a call. It means that there would be no cost if the potential customer only puts keywords and sees the results. This is good in the hand of advertiser, because most probably only serious buyers will make a call and conversion rate would be good in this scenario. This is a more secure way as pay per click and in this method the advertiser will be at lesser risk of getting fake charges. This is the reason why pay per call has gained a quick success and advertisers are using this service to promote their business.

It is reported that this mode of advertisement is more responsive and accurate as compared to all the previous modes, the reason behind this is the quick response which a customer gets from the client. For instance, it has five percent higher response rate than the previous PPC technique i.e. pay per click.

In the advancing world of internet marketing, there is need of a secure medium that is secure for both the advertiser and the service provider. This is the era of search engines and flourishing your business through search engines is the best way. Use pay per call service if you want a quick turnaround and promote your business over internet in a shorter span of time!

Liza Schubert
Liza Schubert

As the Director of Pay Per Call Marketing, Liza is responsible for strategy and executing marketing partnerships for Astoria and promoting call campaigns and initiatives. Liza prospects and secures Pay Per Call relationships that align and further promotes Astorias offers for their clients and affiliates. In addition, she is fluent in campaign set up integrations on Invoca, Ringba, Retreaver and Trackdrive. Liza has a bachelors degree from American University in Washington DC, in Public Communications, focusing her skill set in writing, public relations, proofreading and research.

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Categories: Pay Per CallPublished On: May 1, 2013

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