How to Buy Leads from Zillow?

New business or not, lead generation has maintained its position as one of the most effective customer acquisition methods for all business types. It gets even more helpful when you’re operating in a service-based business such as insurance, audit, or mortgage. But many business owners are clueless about choosing such a company.If you’re based in the US, then Zillow is the first lead generation company that may pop in your mind. Zillow, nevertheless, is one of the most successful companies, but are you even aware of how to buy leads from Zillow?

Let’s discover how Zillow’s business model works.

Business Model of Zillow

When you first open up Zillow’s website, you’ll find home listings and mortgage finders. In the first instance, it may seem like Zillow deals in the property business. To burst your bubble, it’s indeed a property management business where anyone is free to list their properties and sell. But how does Zillow make money? 

There are four different segments through which Zillow makes money, and most of them are related to advertising and lead generation. 

  • Ad revenue from property management companies that advertise their house listings on Zillow.
  • Premier service to agents who manage properties on Zillow and create their portfolios.
  • Ad revenue from mortgage lenders who advertise their offerings on the Zillow website.
  • Revenue from selling marketing solutions. 


How to Buy Leads from Zillow: What You Should Know?

As seen above, you can buy leads and do business on Zillow by acting as a real estate agent. You can create a separate page on Zillow’s website and market your business by paying a certain fee to Zillow. Whether a mortgage or home purchase, you can list all the properties and build your real estate agency business on Zillow. 

If you work with Zillow, you’ll have to look after most work. For example, you’ll have to create your listings, optimize them, build your profile, and connect with interested parties. Zillow will charge you based on cost per click or impression and advertise your listings by ranking them higher in the search results.

Hence, the process is simple. Create your listings, pay Zillow for advertising them, and you’ll be running your real-estate business on the platform. Furthermore, you’ll yourself have to write the listing descriptions and build your page, which involves showcasing testimonials, past sales, statistics, and client reviews. 

You will do the build-up of the business from scratch, and you’ll do it on your own. On the other hand, you’ll get access to the largest real estate marketplace in the US, where you can advertise your listings and grow your business. 

The sign-up process is also simple. Navigate through the advertise section and select your industry from categories, including lender, builder, advertiser, agent, or landlord. After that, create your account and start building your profile. 

How can Astoria Company Help You?

Although Zillow provides a massive platform to market your real estate listings, you’ll have to manage most of the work. What if the listing is not proper, and your whole advertising costs are wasted? Not only that, what if your line of business is something different than real estate management? 

If these insecurities make you tremble, then don’t worry. Astoria Company is at your service with its performance marketing campaigns and lead generation programs. You can design your advertisements and publish them with complete transparency with us. Here’s how Astoria can scale your business to new heights. 

Astoria’s Business Model

Whether you’re operating in solar, insurance, mortgages, or auto finance business, Astoria Company can help scale your business with its unique tactics. We closely work with our clients and leverage their business by designing effective advertising campaigns, ensuring a high return on Investment. 

We have a separate affiliate program for publishers, and our publishers are regularly trained with top-notch management services. Our filter system allows you to take calls according to the specific criteria which you can set. You only pay commission for the most highly qualified leads that meet your quality criteria. 

Moreover, you can get all the reports and analytics after the call ends. Hence, there’s complete transparency, and Astoria Company works closely with you in designing the campaigns and leveraging the business. 

Scale Your Business with Astoria

As seen above, getting quality leads from Zillow might be difficult. But with Astoria company on your back, you can get highly qualified, cost-effective leads from a large platform. Plus, you even get the choice of choosing from several verticals and automating the process. Are you wondering what the next step is?

Give us a call or fill out this note, and we will be with you shortly. 

Let’s convert those leads.

Adnan Nazir
Adnan Nazir

Meet Adnan, the Vice President of Sales at Astoria Company, where he spearheads Astoria's lead exchange, pay per call, and the forging of new partnerships. With an extensive background spanning over 18 years in sales and marketing, Adnan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Beyond the boardroom, Adnan finds solace and inspiration in the art of writing. He thrives in the fast-paced world of sales, where his knack for building relationships and strategic thinking propels him to success. Always eager to broaden his horizons, and revels in the opportunity to connect with new faces and discover fresh perspectives.

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