What are Buying and Selling Leads? How to Get Started?

It is well-known that no business can survive without leads as they eventually turn into customers and produce revenue. However, lead generation requires a professional B2C marketer and robust marketing strategies. On top of that, it may not yield expected results. Therefore due to the high demand for leads, many reliable lead agencies have started to sell qualified leads. With up-to-date tools and strategies, such firms generate leads and sell them. But, you have to take careful steps to make sure your lead selling agency becomes top-notch. What are buying and selling leads? Here is a step-by-step guide on buying qualified leads for your business or starting your own lead selling business. 

What are leads? 

A lead is a person who shows interest in your business, product, or services. It may be visiting your website/social media profiles or sharing their contact information. A lead is also referred to as a prospect meaning it is a potential customer looking for services/products your brand offers. 

What is lead buying? And how to Buy Leads? 

Purchasing leads is a common B2B practice because 68% of businesses struggle to generate qualified leads. 

It means relying upon lead agencies to provide you with sales leads instead of generating your own. This practice involves many risks. Here are a few tips on how to buy leads online: 

Know your audience 

When you aim to buy leads, you must know your target audience clearly to purchase the ideal prospects. 

Flexible budget 

Your budget should be flexible. Don’t go for cheap leads because they are unqualified and low-quality. Therefore, don’t mind investing an extra dollar on a high-quality lead.

Test your lists 

Not all leads on the lead list are qualified. Some of them may even have incorrect contact information. Therefore, you should conduct tests on small leads lists from different lead sources to find your perfect one. 

3 Things to consider when buying leads 

Consider the following things when you buy leads to find exceptional ones for your business. 

1. Lead generation

When choosing a lead source, learn how they generate the leads. It will help you determine the quality of the lead. Organic leads are the best ones, so look for them. 

2. Price per lead 

It is the factor that most businesses consider before buying leads online. You have to keep your budget in mind and choose a lead source. 

3. Applying filters 

Some lead agencies also offer filter options. Through it, you can find specific leads according to your preferences. However, they are more expensive. 

What is lead selling? And how to Sell Leads? 

Lead selling means providing already-generated leads (prospects) to businesses. The lead selling market is constantly growing because businesses need it to supplement their lead flow to generate profits from the sales. 

You require good-quality leads for your lead agency to thrive and make sales. 

Here is how you step into the lead selling industry:

1. Finding leads 

You can sell leads only if you have leads first. Here are two basic ways to get leads: 

Generate leads 

Selling generated leads is a common practice and one of the best types of leads, as they are exclusive and qualified. You can use lead generation tactics and strategies to produce your leads. The most common and cost-effective lead generation ways are: 

  • Landing pages 
  • Social media advertising 
  • Cold-calling 
  • Email marketing 
  • Hosting webinars and events 

Buy leads 

Another way to get leads is by buying from other lead companies to resell them as your own. It is an effortless method because you don’t have to put in too much effort, but it costs more than what an advertising campaign would have.

2. Finding buyers 

The next step is to find buyers who are looking for buying leads. Here are a couple of options to consider: 

  • You can sell the leads you have bought or generated to retail buyers. For this purpose, you have to contact them and make offers to sell quality leads at affordable prices. It is one of the most profitable methods, but it requires sales skills and sufficient time. 
  • On the other hand, you could sell your leads to wholesale marketers, but the profit margin is low because they will resell these leads. 

3. Deliver your leads

Your lead delivery method mainly depends on the buyer’s needs. Therefore, contact the buyer and ask how they want the lead information delivered. In the case of multiple buyers competing for the leads, you need software to organize the lead delivery. 

Bottom line 

All in all, you should know what buying and selling leads are. To buy leads, you must first understand your business’s needs to choose a lead agency for buying leads. Furthermore, plan out your moves to start your own lead selling business. Astoriacompany is one of the leading lead selling companies. Check us out to find qualified leads for your business.

Scott Thompson
Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson is an authoritative industry veteran, CEO and Founder of Astoria Company. With his extensive experience spanning decades in the online advertising industry, he is the driving force behind Astoria Company. Under his leadership, Astoria Company has emerged as a distinguished technology advertising firm specializing in domain development, lead generation, and pay-per-call marketing. Thompson is widely regarded as a technology marketing expert and domain investor, with a portfolio comprising over 570 domains.

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