Is Buying Leads Worth It? All You Need to Know Before Buying Leads

As the world advances, the competition in various sectors has become intense, making it exhausting to find new customers. Therefore, purchasing leads is an excellent alternative to traditional marketing strategies that demand resources and time that most start-ups cannot provide. However, an important question arises here, “is buying leads worth it?”.

In this blog, we go over how buying leads works and whether it is worth your money or not. We have also mentioned a reliable source that elevates your lead buying experience. 

Who should buy leads? 

Although buying leads online is a quick way to get prospects, it is still not the best. But, f you are in one of the following situations, buy leads for a limited period:

  • Your sales pipeline is dry or empty. Because without making sales, no business can function. So, even if you have to compromise on the lead quality, do it for the business. 
  • You want to launch a new marketing campaign. It would be a great strategic move to buy leads right before starting a new marketing campaign because it will help grow your customer base. 

What type of leads can you buy online? 

You can buy several types of leads online. Here are a few popular ones: 

1. Sales leads 

Sales leads are companies or individuals who show interest in your products and services. However, you have to select high-quality sales leads based on correct information. 

2. Real estate leads 

The fierce competition in the real estate industry requires realtors to generate/buy top-notch quality leads. That is why you should purchase real estate leads. 

3. Web design leads

To overcome the tough competition in the web design industry, web designers have to buy the leads to keep their businesses going. 

4. SEO leads

SEO agencies have a high level of competition among them. Therefore, these agencies purchase leads to boost their sales.

What is good about purchasing leads? 

Purchasing leads is a quick way to find your business’s potential customers and expand your customer base. Here are a few main benefits of buying leads online: 

  • Efficient and cost-effective 

To build your lead list, you have to invest considerable time and money. But for buying leads, you don’t have to worry about endowing much money. The cost of sales leads depends on their quality. However, at the same time, purchased leads give a guaranteed return of investment (ROI). 

  • High conversion rate 

Buying leads promise high conversion rates because most work is done already. Such high conversions can’t be attained when you establish your lead list. 

  • Immediate result 

With traditional types of advertising, it takes time and demands consistent efforts. But when you purchase leads from lead agencies, it is quick, and you secure leads within seconds. In addition, you can easily track the origin of your leads by asking the lead company. 

  • Exposure to a lot of customers 

Buying leads from online agencies gives you exposure as millions of people visit these websites to get their work done immediately. 

What is not good about purchasing leads? 

  • Unreliable lead companies 

Many scammers have entered this industry, so it is necessary to cross-check the agency before signing up. Reviews are a great way to evaluate their authenticity. 

  • Intense competition

When you buy leads from an agency, there are many chances that other agents are also buying. It increases the competition, meaning you have to level up your email and phone call game to stand out. 

  • Refund not possible 

When you sign up with a lead company, you put your investment at stake. Because nowadays, there are many scams on the internet. If you get bad leads, you will not get your money back. Therefore, make sure to read the company’s policy before making a deal. 

Things you should keep in your mind

Is buying leads worth it? Well, if you have made the final decision of purchasing leads, make sure to keep the following things in mind: 

· Assess the lead’s price before buying it and decide accordingly, because if you don’t, you will lose. 

· Set yourself a budget of how much you want to spend on purchasing leads in a month and follow it. It will make sure you don’t overspend. 

· Keep a record of your profit from the purchased leads. And compare it with the amount you have spent on them. Discontinue if you are not making any profit. 

What is the best place to buy leads? 

Astoriacompany is one of the best lead agencies in the entire industry as it promises to deliver qualified leads. In addition, it offers different types of leads for a wide range of businesses. Their customer service is top-notch, so please feel free to contact them anytime you have any queries. 


In conclusion, the answer to “is buying leads worth it?” depends on your decisions. However, as we see, the positives of buying leads outweigh the negatives. Therefore, purchasing leads is an excellent alternative to generating your lead lists through the draining lead generation strategies.

Adnan Nazir
Adnan Nazir

Meet Adnan, the Vice President of Sales at Astoria Company, where he spearheads Astoria's lead exchange, pay per call, and the forging of new partnerships. With an extensive background spanning over 18 years in sales and marketing, Adnan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Beyond the boardroom, Adnan finds solace and inspiration in the art of writing. He thrives in the fast-paced world of sales, where his knack for building relationships and strategic thinking propels him to success. Always eager to broaden his horizons, and revels in the opportunity to connect with new faces and discover fresh perspectives.

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