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Performance Marketing Leader Astoria Company is the go to team to increase New Customer Leads by creating B2C Lead Generation Services

Every business needs new customers to continue to grow. Performance marketing is key to driving these new consumers to your business. Astoria Company has a successful record and has delivered results allowing you to get the highest return on your investment.

As opposed to businesses—which typically make large purchases to meet previously identified business needs—an end consumer typically makes much smaller purchases, sometimes to meet a “need” only thought of after seeing the product for sale. The decision is made by only one person (or two, in the case of a couple making a joint purchase). Consumers expect to receive some benefit from their purchase, but typically don’t weigh the financial risks as heavily as businesses do. The ease of shopping online now includes verticals such as health, home and auto insurance. Consumers want speed and convenience. Marketing must be creative and targeted to your demographic.

The consumer has many choices when researching and shopping online. It is important to grab and keep their attention. Astoria Company’s call performance marketing works with all media types and creative, so it only makes sense to allow you to host all of your creative resources in one place. Astoria Company makes it easy for you to upload banners, print ads, audio ads, TV ads, email creative and more. Just leave some room for Astoria Company to include custom phone numbers in the creative and they will do the work to ensure your publishers have access to your approved creative and that they can easily add their unique tracking phone numbers to it.  Astoria Company also drives traffic to you by hosting our own websites including

Astoria Company own the top pay per call network and hosts 200+ campaigns. They know that consumers are using their mobile devices more and this trend will continue. Within minutes a consumer can be connected to a call center from their devices. Astoria Company is also able to set up a campaign with filters you chose. Working with over 200 verticals including auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, final expense insurance, renters insurance solar, home improvement, mortgage/refinance loans, tile loans, home installment loans, payday loans and dating sites. This list continues to grow daily.

In addition, Astoria Company has built a proprietary lead exchange platform and continues to innovate as new technology becomes available.

Contact Astoria Company to have them customize a campaign for your business and acquire the clientele you desire.

About Astoria Company

Astoria Company is a performance based marketing company with expertise in pay per call, search engine optimization, pay per click, e-mail, display, call centers, social media, and offline advertising. They are a 2015 Inc 500 honoree, ranking #119 overall, and #19 of the Top Advertising & Marketing companies. To learn more about Astoria Company, visit their informative website

Categories: Press ReleasesPublished On: July 18, 2016

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