Astoria Company: Leading the Way in Lead Generation and Pay Per Call Campaigns

Founded in 2011, Astoria Company has specialized in creating robust avenues for generating leads and facilitating calls across various sectors including Medicare, Under-65 Health Insurance, Auto, Home, Life, Mortgage, Home Improvement, Education, and Legal services. Today, we are proud to manage an extensive domain portfolio with 576 websites, and successfully [...]

How to Buy Leads for Life Insurance? A Beginner-Friendly Detailed Guide.

Leads are the driving force behind increasing insurance sales and agency growth. Without leads, the insurance business cannot be profitable and would probably go out of business soon. Therefore, without them, your insurance business cannot thrive. On the other hand, if you buy pre-qualified insurance leads, it would eliminate the [...]

How to Buy Leads for Insurance? A Complete Guide

The insurance market has expanded with more qualified insurance agents providing insurance services in recent years. There are around 424,564 licensed insurance agents and companies in the USA alone. When finding insurance leads, they utilize different lead generation strategies. Some use traditional methods, while others prefer to buy leads.  Purchasing [...]

Health Insurance Leads Generation Done Like Never Before!

Health Insurance is becoming an imperative necessity for people globally. Every year, Medicare issues new policies, and policyholders are restless to find plans that suit their preferences and reduce costs. It's a huge opportunity for private insurance companies to get more clients. But how would you possibly get potential prospects [...]

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